At the AIT Alumni Association Nepal, it's our goal to reach, serve and engage all Nepalese AIT alumni. Wherever you are in the world and whatever stage in life you're at right now, chances are we have something just for each other.

The Asian Institute of Technology Alumni Association Nepal (AITAAN) was established in 1983. since then it has been active in various activities. The main objective of its establishment is to maintain close relationship among the alumni of respective countries. The association is in frequent communication with its mother chapter and AIT to organize various program, events, gatherings, etc. It has a very good relation with the AIT alumni association of other countries. Apart from the above, the association has been involved in providing humanitarian support to areas within Nepal and abroad where natural calamities have caused damage and loss of lives.Few examples of, recent activities: AITAANhas raised funds and support for rehabilitation in Thailand after the devastating flood in 2011, tsunami in Japan in 2011 and flood in Sunkoshi (Nepal) in 2014.