AITAA Nepal’s School Rehabilitation Project


The recent fatal earthquake has caused an estimated damage of well above 5000 schools in the central region of Nepal. UNICEF Nepal reports that more than 950,000 students will not be able to go to school due to this massive destruction. It is reported that about 90% of the schools in Sindhupalchowk alone have been damaged and the information on the number is expected to increase as rescue and relief efforts reaches districts that have been blocked by landslides. With these enormous setbacks, it is almost impossible to open schools and resume education at a normal pace. As AIT represents a strong educational institution, AITAAN has great conviction that its alumni, with their expertise, can build strength to rehabilitate schools that are in need of help. Thus, AITAAN, with the realization of the need of urgent rehabilitation/repair of schools to resume education of students that have been displaced, has planned to contribute in the rehabilitation work of damaged school/s in the earthquake affected areas. In this connection, AITAAN has driven a campaign of raising funds to carry out the rehabilitation work of schools. would like to request for financial assistance in this endeavor.

Scope of Work

AITAAN will be involved in the following activities regarding the rehabilitation of school work
  • Identification selection of schools.
  • Assessing the extent and type of rehabilitation works needed and required to be carried out.
  • Design and drawings of the work getting prepared.
  • Management Committee formation for execution
  • Periodical monitoring and supervision of construction work.
  • Handover of the rehabilitated work.
  • AITAA Nepal will be involved in rebuilding/repairing educational institutions that have been affected by the earthquake and don’t have financial and technical capacity to carry out the rehabilitation activities on its own.


  • To support re-construction of public schools damaged by the recent earthquake.
  • To support technology transfer to build earthquake resilient design of schools especially in villages.

Selection Criteria of Schools

On the basis of following criteria, school will be selected to carryout the rehabilitation work :
  • School which are within the reach of AITAAN for monitoring and supervision by AITAAN itself.
  • Schools which are damaged by recent earthquake.
  • Schools which badly need support owing to financial and technical deficiencies.


Information about list will be collected from various sources which may be social network, general news clips, personal network, secondary sources etc. The potential schools will be visited by teams of AITAAN with members having knowledge of damage assessment supported by managerial capable members. Meetings with local concerned stakeholders at the local level will be held. Designs will be finalized by expert team. Working committee will be formed to commence and execute the work. Funds will be released to the committee on work completion basis. The financial disbursement and expenditure will be made public periodically.